Friday, February 20, 2009


Today is my sister's birthday. I won't tell you her age, but I will say Sharon is 4 years older than I am. I haven't seen her in over 2 years. The last time I saw her was when we were leaving California to move to Montana. Sharon now lives in Texas with her new husband, whom I've never met. Because we had a 4 year age gap, Sharon was into different things than I was while growing up. She hated it when I tried to hang around her friends, but I did it anyway. Thanks to them I started drinking coffee at a ripe old age of nine. She and her friends would ditch school to go out for coffee at Carrows or the local bowling alley. I don't know why I hung out with them because I had nothing in common with them. I have fond memories of driving to the beach in Sharon's old VW bug. She had an 8-track player and we'd listen to The Who's "Who's Next" album the whole way. We'd lay on the beach all day, hoping the weirdos would leave us alone. Sharon was really into the Beatles when we were growing up, including Paul McCartney & Wings. She played them constantly. I can't hear the music now without thinking of my sister. She was a tad jealous in 1985 after I told her I ran into Paul McCartney at a London train station. When I was in the 4th grade, Sharon got in big trouble with my mom. She got put in Catholic school, hoping it would help turn her around. Like the dork I was, I said, "I wanna go too!" Little did I know how much I would hate it there. I only lasted a year before I finally went back to my old school. After Sharon had her first baby, we'd go shopping often. I'd push Tyler in the cart so Sharon could look around. As I walked through the aisles, Tyler would grab onto a rack and jolt me to a stop. Either that or he'd yell, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" as loud as he could. Kids change everything, even sisters. I remember when we'd sleep at my grandparent's house and we'd lay in our room in fits of giggles listening to our grandparents yawn. Neither one could yawn normally. They always said, "Huh huh huh!" as they yawned. I don't know why, but we thought that was hilarious. It's funny the things that stick out in your mind.

I thought of the word sister and a bunch of things came to mind --

Sister -- as in the twisted nuns at my Catholic school
Sister -- a sorority member
Sister -- the character from Berenstain Bears
Sister -- a senior female nurse

There are a lot of other things that use the word sister in them, such as --

Sister, Sister -- 90s TV show
Sister Disco -- song by The Who
Twisted Sister -- 80s metal rock band
Sister -- CD from Sonic Youth
Sister Act -- 1992 movie with Whoopie Goldberg
Little Sister -- 1961 song from Elvis
Sisters of Mercy -- a rock band and a ministry
Sister Psychic -- song by Smash Mouth
The Pointer Sisters -- musical group
The Andrew Sisters -- another musical group
Sister of the Moon -- Fleetwood Mac song by Stevie Nicks
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants -- famous books & films
My Sister Eileen -- 1955 Blake Edwards comedy

Then there are famous sisters, though only a handful of Hollywood ones come to mind. I'm sure there are millions of others throughout history --

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Jessica & Ashlee Simpson
Britney & Jamie Spears
Paris & Nikki Hilton
Hilary & Haylie Duff
The 3 sisters in the country group, SheDAISY

Anyway, that's probably more about sisters than you cared to know about. My sister reads my blog every now and then, so if she's reading today -- Happy Birthday, Sharon!


  1. Happy Birthday to Sharon!
    I was the little sister who tagged along too, Rena. I have 3 sisters, and only 1 of the 3 didn't mind when I tagged along. She and her boyfriend (now husband) use to take me to the park. I have fond memories of those underdogs. Now we have kids the same age who absolutely love playing together.

  2. I always wanted a sister! This post reminds me of a book I enjoyed called Sister Crazy by Emma Richler.
    Happy Birthday to your sister :)

  3. Happy B-day Sharon!

    That's a great picture! I could tell which one was you before I knew who was the oldest.

    I always wanted a sister. What a sweet way to celebrate her b-day with her even though you're far apart.


  4. What a cute picture!I am so thankful I had a sister growing up.Kelly and I were only 13 months apart,and very close.Often,we were mistaken for twins.I see her about once a month or so now.
    Happy Birthday Sharon!


  5. Happy Birthday to your sis! Love the pic! I have an older sis too, we weren't close growing up (I was a pesky tagalong, too). But we are close now. She's coming in tonight (she lives in the city, I'm the country girl) to take my oldest to a basketball game.
    Sweet post!

  6. What a great sister tribute Rena! I hope Sharon is reading it and I want to wish Sharon a very happy birthday!

  7. Aw, now you made me miss my sister! I must get out to NYC to visit her soon.

    Happy Birthday to yours!

  8. What a great picture of the two of you. I love my sister too. Sounds like you too have a great relationship.

  9. Nice picture. I was the big sister in my family -- 5 years older than my sister. With that much age difference, you're always in different stages in childhood. But he difference disappears in adulthood.

  10. Happy birthday to her! My sister and I has an age gap too. I am six years older than I am and really, we are ALWAYS into different things but that matters not. We see that as a wonderful opprtunity to learn a lot from each other. I am glad to hear about your sister. :)

  11. What a nice tribute to your sister Rena. I have a little sister, we are 6 years apart. We didn't hang out much growing up, but are best friends now, I'm glad we are in the same town, I don't know what I'd do without her.

    Happy Birthday Sharon.


  12. Thanks everyone. I don't get to talk to her very often, but I will let her know you all sent your wishes for her birthday, just in case she misses this post. :)

  13. I am the big sister who had the little sister tag along on my dates...she would make my dates pay her $1.00 to move up several rows at the movies so she wouldn't be sitting near us...argh...I'm 3 years older and my Sis and I are total opposites...I think the only thing we have in common are our parents...

  14. OMG Brenda! Your sister cracks me up! Now why didn't I ever think of that??? $1 was huge back then! ;)