Sunday, November 29, 2009

Got heels?

Well, for the first time in the history of the world, I finally have something in common with one of the Spice Girls. No, it's not money. No, it's not an obsession with fashion. No, it's not a desire to sing really bad songs. It's not even high-heeled shoes. It's bunions -- but those aren't very pretty, so I went with the shoe pic here.

Victoria Beckham, aka as Posh Spice, is suffering from bunions. Well, according to this article she is. She's trying all sorts of crazy things like putting ice on them, exercising, and standing on steps. She doesn't want surgery because she can't be without her high-heels for the two month recovery time. In addition, she's afraid the surgery will leave her unable to wear her infamous 6-inch stiletto heels. First off, I feel her pain, I really do. Not about the shoes, but the physical pain. I know what that feels like all too well. The shooting pains of bunions is unbearable at times. Second, the things she's doing will NOT relieve the pain. She has two choices -- live with the pain or opt for the surgery. That's it. No amount of ice will make this go away, and there's a possibility she could get addicted to pain pills if she goes that route. Surgery is her best option.

They're saying Victoria's bunions are caused from wearing high-heels for so many years. If you look at some of the funky shoes she's wearing on that link, this isn't surprising. Mine must have been inherited because I always had bunions growing up. When I was around 14, the pain in my right foot was no longer bearable. The bunion was huge and it affected not only what shoes I could wear, but what I could do. I remember getting scolded one time at gymnastics class because my feet weren't totally pushed together. The instructor asked me to put them closer, but there was just no way. If you want to feel real pain, whack your bunions together. Finally, the pain got so bad that I ended up having a bunionectomy. It was a week-long hospital stay back then. Around 1992, after Nicole was born, I decided to have the left foot done. By this time, it was now done as an outpatient thing. When they told me to go home, I was NOT ready. I was still really out of it and not feeling good at all. That first night at home was absolutely horrible for me and I almost overdosed on pain meds.

However, both surgeries successfully relieved the pain. My right foot, the one I had surgery on in the 1970s, still looks like it has a bunion. The metatarsal never quite straightened out fully. In addition, it has a really big scar. But the good thing is that it doesn't HURT! The left foot looks perfect and straight. By the 1990s, they had changed the operation procedure. It looks great. It's completely flat on the side and I have two small scars. It's more bony underneath now, so it sometimes gives me problems. If you were to take x-rays of my feet, you'd see pins and screws. It looks really freaky. Regardless, I am no where near the discomfort I was before the surgeries. I'd recommend surgery 100% to anyone. It is totally worth it!

As for high-heels, I can wear them. I just don't have many opportunities or reasons to do so now. I can wear them a lot easier than I could before the surgery, that's for sure. If Victoria Beckham loves her high-heels so much, she'd be doing herself a huge favor to take a break for a few months and go with the surgery. However, she'll have to figure that on her own ...


  1. Ouch. By the look of those pics, her bunions are bad. She definitely needs to suck it up and get the surgery done, fashion be damned.

    My MIL has had bunionectomies done on both feet and my SIL has had one foot done (though, I can't recall which, at the moment). MIL's bunions were inherited and were extremely pronounced. Only within the last few years before her first bunionectomy did she start to feel any pain resulting from her bunions. She's now doing great.

    Thankfully, I do not have bunions. TH does, though. It looks like Ellie inherited my feet and, as far as width goes, Maddie has inherited TH's. We're hoping the bunions died off with TH!


  2. I cannot imagine how painful bunions are, but it sounds like she needs to simply give in and do the surgery. Like 2 months off is going to effect her salary!! ;)

    Happy Sunday!

  3. I think VB's shoes are beautiful - okay some are just weird, but mostly beautiful; however, I would never wear those toe torture chambers because I care about my feet. Never was beauty queen material.

  4. Personally I've never understood the desire some women seem to have to deform their feet. Didn't they outlaw foot binding in China?

    I was born with the joints of my big toes being large and bony. My feet are size D across the toes and double A at the heel. I have a terrible time finding shoes that are comfortable.

    The good thing is I went barefoot most of my life. I hate shoes and continue to go barefoot as much as possible. I think because of that, my feet have never given me any trouble and never hurt.

  5. Ouch!!
    I wear high heels only on special occasions, and usually just a few inches of heel. I don't walk very well in tall heels!

  6. I wear heels of 2 inches or so . Posh must be very good at the balancing act with 6inches heel!!

  7. Holy cow, OUCH ***

    Luckily I don't have those, but they really do look painful. I'm glad you got yours fixed Rena.


  8. Ouch! (Common theme in responses!) lol Glad you got yours looked after though Rena - sounds pretty awful!