Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Did you like school?

Did you like school? I hated it. It wasn't so much the classes, but I had real problems with getting up in the morning and just getting there. It didn't help that my mom worked long graveyard shifts. By the time she got home from work, she was too tired to fight with me about getting to school. I stayed home sick a lot, but only because I was lazy. Besides, all the good cartoons were on from 7am to 8am. School just got in the way of that. One good thing was that when I joined the work force, I rarely called in sick. Most of the jobs I had didn't allow that because there was no one else to fill in for me. But school -- nope, didn't like it, didn't want to go.

I am playing around with a story idea at the moment and have been thinking about my experiences with school. I surprised myself when I realized how many bad things I remembered. There are very few good things that stick out. I can recall unpleasant things from as early as preschool and all the way through my senior year of high school. I'm really tempted to write them down. If I were to write a book about my experiences, it would probably be the most depressing book ever written. I didn't have a horrible childhood. I know people who did and who have really suffered, both physically and mentally. I guess it was less than ideal and a lot of negative things stand out. School just wasn't fun for me. I graduated by the skin of my teeth and only with the help of a teacher who didn't want to see me fail because he knew I wasn't stupid. Had I gone to class more, I probably would have gotten really good grades. I got A's in psychology, but failed tennis class. I suppose the teachers had a lot to do with that, not to mention that I hated getting all sweaty at school from PE. I went to Catholic school for a year and a half and that was just one of the worst times. The nuns were incredibly mean. Not just strict, but mean ... and cruel emotionally.

Ironically, I didn't go to college and get some big career. I stopped working outside the home as soon as I got pregnant and I've been a stay-at-home-mom since. Those psychology, typing, and home ec classes paid off. Tennis -- ummm, not so much. It's just funny that I've chosen to homeschool my kids. If you think about it, I've been in school for over 24 years. And with Neil only in 2nd grade, I have 10 more to go. That's a lot of school time, especially for someone who never liked school. I chose homeschooling for a variety of reasons -- not because I'm anti-school system. My own personal experiences really don't have anything to do with my decision. My main wish is for my kids to be happy and to enjoy the process of learning. I know the boys would sometimes rather play PS3 all day rather than do their school work, but I try to make it fun for them. I don't want them to despise school like I did. And who knows, maybe I'll write down all those horrible experiences and see if I can make some sense of them someday.


  1. I didn't exactly hate school, I loved the social life of recess and lunch, but I just wasn't interested. I got by on the old "Gentleman's C" my parents called it.
    As school progressed it was harder and harder to "get by" and I had to produce a little more.

    I came into my own and took off in the last two years of college. I actually learned to love studying!

    My sister was like me, our brother, on the other hand, was straight A's all the way.

    My niece is homeschooling her children. Lemur Troops is in a package of books I'm sending them.

  2. I actually loved school preschool-college (well, college, I liked the classes and loved my social life :) and that is probably much of the reason I became a teacher!

  3. I didn't like school and I didn't have a good time. I was your basic lonely loner. No social life, never dated. Inspite of all that, I am closer now to my former classmates than I ever was in high school. I really enjoy their friendship. And this summer we will be celebrating our 40th class reunion! When we get together we have a blast. All that teen-aged angst was long ago flushed down the toilet, where it belongs! :O

  4. Catherine -- Thanks, and I hope your niece's children enjoy Lemur Troops & Critter Groups.

    Kelly -- You seem like you would love school. I think that's great. I wish I had liked it more. I really learned to love learning once I began teaching my kids, so I guess it turned out okay.

    Bish -- I hear you. I was the same way. I had a group of close friends I hung out with, but not many. I'm closer now to many of my schoolmates now because of Facebook than I ever was when we saw each other day after day. Time changes everything. :)

  5. I hated school. I had good friends and had fun, but hated the classes. I wasn't a good learner and couldn't remember things, even after studying. Come to find out later in life I have ADD. Go figure. Anyway, I also graduated by the skin of my teeth. I think they gave me D's so I would graduate and get the hell out! LOL


  6. I think that we always remember the bad much more easily than the good. Most of all my childhood memories include a bad experience - and overall I had a good childhood. It is just the scary, mean or angry moments that stay in our minds. I can clearly remember the time I lied to my parents over something so silly it is laughable now but I still remember the hurt look on their faces that I had lied. Things like that stay with a person for a reason I think. And since I rarely (never) lie now, obviously it taught me a lesson.

    I kept a diary in high school and I found it last year. I read through the entries and decided I must have been angst ridden the entire 4 years. Then I looked at the dates and the time passages between entries... turns out the only time I posted was when I was sad. I have a full 100 pages about a boyfriend who was a total jerk and then about 3 pages of entries after I met and started dating Vince. (I guess he must make me happy. hm - don't tell him, it would go straight to his head!) lol

    No short answers from me! lol In a nutshell - I liked school and always did well, honour roll and all that. :)