Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ginger or Mary Ann?

That's always been a funny question. Typically, it was asked of men to see what type of women they like to gain insight on their personality. However, I remember girls asking each other which character they'd rather be too. I don't know about you, but I grew up watching Gilligan's Island. It aired from 1964 to 1967, so I caught it in syndication later. I could relate more to Mary Ann with her down-to-earth personality, but Ginger was always my favorite character on the show. Her outfits were absolutely stunning.

Speaking of Ginger -- today is Tina Louise's birthday. I came across it as I was reading about some things that happened on February 11 and her name showed up. I had no idea if she was even still alive, so I started to read more about her and found some interesting facts ...

  • Her mother, Betty Horn was a NYC fashion model.
  • Tina didn't have a middle name.
  • Her drama teacher picked the name Louise.
  • Tina Louise is her Hollywood stage name.
  • Her real name is Tina Blacker.
  • The part of Ginger was turned down by Jayne Mansfield.
  • She didn't care for her part as Ginger Grant.
  • Tina declined to be in any of the Gilligan's Island reunions.
  • She recorded four musical albums.
  • Tina has written two books, including one for children.
  • She is/was due to have another children's book out.
  • Tina was married to Les Crane, but divorced in 1974.
  • She has a daughter, Caprice Crane, who writes 90210.
Well, that's probably way more than any of us needed to know, but oh well. When I saw her name come up, I was curious if she was even alive, or what she had been doing. I really only know her from Gilligan's Island, but she did a bunch of other things after that show. She is 76 years old today. Think I'll have a piece of Neil's leftover birthday cake in her honor. ;)


  1. I always liked Mary Ann myself. She seemed to be the most normal person there. (Okay...that's not saying much, I know.) It seemed to me that there was some attraction between Mary Ann and the Professor, but, alas, the show never really went there.

  2. I watched it a lot as a child too. I loved Ginger's glamorous outfits, but definitely was more of a Mary Ann!

  3. I for sure liked Mary Ann better and wondered how Ginger (and the Howells) managed to have new clothes every week.

  4. Being a misplaced coutry hick myself,I am more of a Mary Ann. I always thought Ginger was too uppity. We watched that show every day after school.


  5. Mary Ann. I always thought Ginger was untouchable and Mary Ann so down-to-earth.


  6. I always identified more with Mary Ann, but those gowns were lovely and I thought Ginger was so glamourous.

  7. Fun trivia facts! I was more the Mary Ann type too. And I agree with dj about the "shipper" possiblities, LOL!

  8. I also wondered why the Howell's and Ginger had soooo many clothes for a 3 hour cruise!

  9. I wanted to be like Ginger but identified with Mary Ann. I'm glad you posted this. I knew she didn't care for the character because they began type casting her, but I knew nothing about her personal life.

  10. I was more like Gilligan...always doing something stupid that got me in some kind of trouble...grin...

    If I had to choose though, I would say Mary Ann is who I would want to be...

  11. I always wanted to be Ginger but never could be a glam queen.

  12. I always wondered why she had so many fancy outfits for a 3 hour tour. LOL Mary Ann reminded me of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, but I think I wanted to be Ginger, don't really remember. I loved that show.


  13. Wow - 76. I think this is one of the reasons I love your blog Rena. I love absolutely useless info like whatever happened to Ginger! This is how my brain works and what I enjoy most.

    I was a rerun Gilligan's Island fan. It was on everyday at 4:00pm and would be on just after I got home from school. I just loved the whole idea and was young enough not to question why the professor could invent a phone with a couple of coconuts and palm leaves but couldn't get them off the island. lol I loved Ginger so much - her clothes, which never seemed to get dirty and always looked so good - wow. But I definately had more of an affinity for Mary Ann - I have never been the 'glamorous type.'