Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The "Good" Mirror

Do you have one of these? I'm talking about one mirror in particular that, when you look at yourself in it, you think you look okay. You look and think, "Hmm, that looks pretty decent." It can be how you're dressed, how your body looks, your hair or make-up, etc. So, you leave the room feeling pretty good about yourself. And then ... WHAM! You catch a glimpse of yourself in another mirror and think, "What was I thinking?" or "What the heck happened?" It can be in another mirror in your house, one in a store, or even your reflection in a window. But still, there's that "good mirror" at home that says you look pretty good.

What is up with that? Is it like this picture that says, "What matters most is how you see yourself?" Does that one mirror in your house LIE to make you feel better? Or is it just some funky angle that gives you a false impression of how you really look? Maybe I'm the only one that this happens to. It's not just this house though because I had "good mirrors" in all my other houses. Am I just weird, or has this happened to anyone else?


  1. The "good" mirror is in my daughter's room and whenever I get dressed I go in and take a peek. She always asks, "Why do you have to look in my mirror?" And I always answer "Because this is a magic mirror and I have no flaws when I look in it."

    The mirror is from when I was a kid, was antique to begin with so the marble-ing adds to the smoky reflection and I can't see my crows feet or muffin top. Works for me.

  2. My quote of the week - for quite a few weeks now has been:

    Quote of the week - Henry David Thoreau

    "It's not what you look at that matters.

    It's what you see. "

  3. I sometimes think my mood alters the way I see myself in the mirror.
    But I do think some stores must have skinny mirrors or something that makes you look better because I've looked good in something in the store, but not so good when I tried it on at home!!

  4. I happened to notice a mirror like that at work the other day. I walked past it and thought "Hmm... Not bad!"

    Too bad it was in the Ladies Rest Room and I'm a Gentleman. It could be awkward when I need an ego boost.

    Check In To The ROUS Motel!

  5. I know just what you mean! The mirror in my bedroom is pretty forgiving, but once I head downstairs and get a glimpse in the bathroom mirror at the base of the stairs, I often end up making a u-turn to change clothes or fix my makeup or something. Maybe it's the lighting...I really should just close the door to that bathroom!

  6. I think there is usually one in every house. I don't have one at the moment however. I never think I look good in anything, so I avoid mirrors if I can. lol