Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stamp Flashback!

I had a weird thought the other day -- stamps. It wasn't about just any stamps, though. I was thinking about Christmas and how I used to buy presents for my family when I was a little girl. My mom would give me her Blue Chip Stamps and S&H Stamps. Does anyone remember those? These were trading stamps that ran from the 1930s to the 1980s.

We would receive the stamps as a reward at grocery stores, gas stations, and other places. The more we bought, the more stamps we got in return. Then we stuck the stamps into booklets and could cash them in for merchandise. I can still picture the stores we had in Ventura, California for both stamp companies. They were big showrooms and I remember taking my booklets of stamps in and redeeming them for products.

I was thinking about how I managed to pay for some gifts as a kid and these stamps came to mind. One year I got my mom a kitchen clock that resembled a bottle of wine, some cheese, and grapes. I can't remember anything else I got with the stamps, but I remember having a lot of fun saving and sticking them into books. Talk about a blast from the past, huh?


  1. Also the yellow TV stamps--Top Value Stamps. Yes, I remember all of those. It was back in the 60s for me. My mother would shove them into a kitchen drawer or some other drawer in the house and eventually when the drawers were stuffed, I would sort out the stamps and put them in the books.
    I always enjoyed looking through the catalogs to help my mother decide what to get. I don't really remember what we got with the stamps but I always tended to try to be practical and get small kitchen things. Once I think we got a set of TV trays. It was always smaller stuff as it took too long to save enough stamps for the bigger ticket items.

    That's a great memory!

    Tossing It Out

  2. So funny you mention these. My husband and I were talking about S&H greenstamps just a few days ago. I got presents one year with my Mom's collection of stamps. We didn't have much money but Mom wanted us to get something. I think I was able to get everyone some little thing. :)

  3. Talk about a blast from the past! My job was to put all the stamps in the books. I was never allowed to buy anything though.

  4. I remember getting the Folger's Classics by using grocery store stamps. And we eat off my great grandma's china--bought using those stamps!

  5. I remember those! They were still around when my husband and I first got married. We used them to get a few useful items for the apartment.

  6. Oh my you just made me sad for a very sweet time! I used to put the stamps in the book for my Nana when I would go to her house (she gave me that as a task to do) and I would do it for my mom too. My mom would get out the book right away so ther'd only be a few. My Nana would save them up for when I would visit and I'd have a bowl of water and a sponge and have tons to stamp in. Also ladies do you remember Plaid Stamps? That was another kind as well like the green s&w stamps!