Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fashion faux pas ...

What's your fashion faux pas? Do you have one or would you even be willing to admit it? I'm sure most people have some, or at least one. Lately, I've been hearing a lot of my friends talk about Pajamajeans. They seem to be the newest fad. They're basically stretch pants designed to look like blue jeans. I've watched the commercial and honestly, they don't look that bad. That's mostly because they use models with perfect bodies. I'm not sure how they'd look on the rest of us. I'm not sure I want to know either.

But what about you? Do you have anything you love wearing even though it's not in style? Or maybe something that everyone else seems to hate? I have a few of those. One are UGG boots. I know a lot of people despise them with a passion. For me, having had two very painful surgeries on my feet, there aren't many shoes I can wear comfortably. UGGs don't hurt my feet. Another are Crocs. I hated them when they first came out. I thought they looked ridiculous. Then I went to Vegas with only some cowboy boots. I wear cowboy boots a lot, but not usually for an entire day, more or less one filled with constant walking. I was near tears. Enter the gift shop at the Rainforest Cafe and I found a pair of black Crocs. OMG -- my feet couldn't thank me enough. I still don't like the bright colored Crocs. I only have black and dark navy. No matter what people think, they saved my feet on that trip.

Today I had to laugh when I put on a pair of overalls. These came from THE BOX that I blogged about awhile ago. I am not sure what possessed me to buy them years ago, but for some reason, I hung onto them. They're standard Dickies bib overalls and are probably the farthest thing from COOL as anyone could get. But, they're comfortable as hell. I was more tickled that I could fit into them, more or less care if I looked cool or not.

So, there you have it -- UGGs, Crocs, and bib overalls -- three of the least cool fashions any woman could possibly wear. And you know what? I don't really care what people think either. Hey, at least I didn't wear them all at the same time, right?


  1. I have that the same as pajama jeans?!
    My fashion don't is probably my shoes. I get a fave pair of sandals or sneakers and wear them til they are dirty and broken in and look like they will fall apart. But I wear them for years and years, because they get so comfy - but look filthy!

  2. I just saw the commercial for pajamajeans. The stupidest things I've ever seen. My butt would hang out.

    I'm dying to buy a pair of real Uggs. Santa didn't bring me any this year even though I asked very politely.

    I have 3 pair of bib overall shorts that I used to wear everywhere. I can't wear Crocs but I do have 2 pair of original Dr. Scholl's for the beach. It may take awhile to break them in but once you do, boy howdy do my feet and legs feel good.

  3. Toe socks, I love toe socks. Most of my clothes come from thrift stores. I rarely buy anything new.

  4. I'm in the habit of wearing yoga pants and a big baggy t-shirt every day that I don't have to get dressed up for anything. I keep waiting for "What Not to Wear" to recruit me for their show any day now!

  5. I love my bright colored crocs! I have pink and purple now. I used to have a few other colors but I lost them along the way.
    I am always wearing nicer sweat pants/ yoga pants here. I get them on clerance at Macy's so at least they are a great quality right?
    I am obcessed with the Aloe Infused socks. I get them at Walmart or target for around $3.00 a pair. They make my feet happy and me happy!

  6. Another thrift store shopper here, with the result that I own more, and better quality, clothes than I would if I bought new. AND I also wear pj pants and a loose top whenever I'm not expecting to go out, which is most days if I play my cards right. My daughter and I saw the pajamajeans on someone in a store, and didn't really like them. My take is that they're an effort to make pj pants look less pj for out in public.

  7. Thanks, ladies! I'm glad to hear there are things you wear/like as well that might be considering out of the norm. :)

  8. I will never wear Crocs, but I am ashamed to admit I own overalls.