Tuesday, March 15, 2011

iCare ... do you?

I decided to make this shirt today on Zazzle. Normally, everything I make for my Zazzle store features wildlife or nature photographs. This is the only exception for the time being. I came up with the idea last night before bed and thought it would make a cool shirt.

If you look up the term iCare online, you'll find all sorts of companies and organizations. This shirt has nothing to do with those. So, what does it mean? It means whatever you want it to mean. Basically, it just means you care. About what? Whatever you want. We all care about something.

However, sometimes it feels like all people care about are themselves. I know this isn't true, but it sure feels like it at times. We live in a what's-in-it-for me society. I'm no saint and I'm far from perfect, but I do care about things. I care about my family and friends. I care about what's going on in the world. I care about animals. I care if I've been a good friend to someone. Sometimes I wonder if I care too much. Is that possible?

I don't expect everyone to rush out and buy my shirt, but I'd certainly care if you did. The idea behind it is simply to tell the world that you care about someone or something. iCare ... do you?


  1. I love your idea. And you're right about the mentality of the society we leave in now - sometimes way too naieve. =/

    Really like your shirt