Sunday, April 22, 2012

2nd Birthday

I have the most amazing daughter. Nichelle touched up these pictures for me. They were full of scratches and marks. I can't work PhotoShop nearly as well as she can, so I'm always amazed at the things she can do with the program.

Judging by the cake, this was my second birthday, which would have made it February of 1967. The first picture shows me with my brother and sister. Mike is five years older than I am and Sharon is four years older. This birthday was probably a very hard time for my family because my dad had just died in 1966. To be honest, I'm surprised they even had a cake for me.

I used to have some information about my father's death, but I must have it packed away someplace. Oddly, I can't find anything about it online, which I find disturbing, but not too surprising. A lot of the things I was told about my father when I was a kid was either incorrect or simply untrue. Sometimes it just leaves me scratching my head in confusion and disappointment.

Thanks for fixing the pictures, Nichelle! It means a lot to me.

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