Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bangs or no bangs?

I wear a lot of make-up, obviously. I've been wearing it for a long time, probably longer than most people I know. I started wearing it regularly when I was in junior high. I'm not fanatical about it. I can go out without it, although I don't usually. It's just fun for me. I consider myself pretty low-maintenance when it comes to girlie stuff. I don't go to the salon to get my hair done and I'm not into massages or spa treatements. In fact, I'm 47 and have never once had a professional manicure, not even for my wedding. I did my nails myself. I don't know if that's a deprived life ... or a good one.

I do, however, enjoy playing around on the TAAZ make-over website. That's a lot of fun because I can try out different shades of make-up that I wouldn't normally buy. It's also a lot cheaper. Most of the time my bangs get in the way of trying the hairstyles on the website. Today I was goofing off with my camera and pushed my bangs up. I was too lazy to get up and get a headband, which is probably less than ten feet from where I'm sitting. So I pushed them up and snapped a picture. Now I'm sitting here pondering if I should let my bangs grow out. I've had bangs for ... well, like forever!

I decided to skip the movie-star hairstyle and just save a picture with darker make-up. When I see these pictures, I realize how washed out the browns make me look. This top picture probably isn't the best because it's late afternoon and I haven't touched anything up. However, the darker colors are so much more dramatic. Rick has never liked the browns that much. I can really see the difference here. Ironically, the colors I picked on TAAZ today are ones I already own, so it really isn't that big of a change. Seeing them side by side is kind of bizarre. And now of course, I'm sitting here pondering if I should get rid of my bangs. I guess if that's the biggest thing I have to worry about today, then things just aren't too bad.

Also, don't forget about my drawing on the blog post below for a chance to win a CD of pirate songs for kids. I'll choose a winner on April 10th. All you have to do is leave a comment with something that relates to pirates. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday tomorrow. 


  1. Fun post, Rena. I remember TRYING to wear make-up in jr. high and my mother forbid me. haha Anyway, I like you both ways but you definitely look younger without bangs and your hair pulled back. Why not give it a shot for 30 days and see what people like? Go from there? :)


  2. I think you have such a perfectly shaped face, it's a shame to cover it up with bangs :)

  3. A new look and I like you without the bangs. Younger and fresher, if I may say:)

  4. Your face is GORGEOUS--without bangs it looks even MORE gorg!

  5. Lucky you, you look great either way. I say go for the no bangs look - it sounds like you'd enjoy a change :)

    I've had fun playing with that site, too.

  6. I agree with Green Girl. You have a beautiful face. Ditch the bangs and show it off!