Monday, October 15, 2012

Peer pressure from old guys?

And by that title, I do NOT mean the two old guys in this picture. I adore those two old guys. Anyway, I found myself glued to my laptop from 7:30pm to 9pm last night. The Red Hot Chili Peppers were performing for the ACL Festival in Texas. Most of the 3-day festival was aired online via You Tube. RHCP was the final act for the event, so I was happy I could watch them live, and for free made it even better. I used to go to a lot of concerts, but don't get too many opportunities to do that living in Montana. The next concert I'm going to see is the RHCP, but I'm driving 9+ hours to get to Seattle, Washington to watch them. There are not many bands that I'd drive that far for, but Red Hot Chili Peppers are an exception -- possibly the only exception.

Before the Peppers took the stage last night, Iggy and the Stooges were scheduled on the bill. They had performed earlier in the weekend, so their performance wasn't live. Now, I'm older -- having grown up in the 1970s -- so I'm fully aware who Iggy Pop is. Growing up, I listened to all sorts of music, thanks to my family being into different types of genres. I don't recall if my brother or sister liked Iggy, but I know I never did. He just wasn't my thing, even later on when I started going backwards in time with my music interests. He was one artist I just never got into, for some reason or another.

Well, last night I was watching Iggy's performance while waiting for RHCP. As I watched the show I also was reading the comments from viewers, which were going up live as the show progressed. Obviously, there were some mixed comments regarding Iggy. I mean, the man is 65-years-old, so obviously he's not going to hit it off with everyone. A lot of people didn't care for Iggy and his band. What I found interesting was how older people (and I was just going off their avatar pictures) were literally ragging on those people for not liking Iggy Pop. They were saying all the usual stuff -- like how he was an icon, how he was one of the first punk rock artists ever, how the younger generation doesn't respect older musicians, and so forth. Then it got ugly where they were accusing RHCP fans for not being real fans because RHCP loves Iggy Pop. They brought up how Anthony Kiedis is good friends with him, how he got a lot of his moves from Iggy, even how he's starting to look more like him. Most RHCP fans I know are well aware RHCP loves Iggy Pop.

Anyway, it just struck me funny because here were these older people (mostly men) who were trying to intimidate people into liking Iggy just because the members of the RHCP like him. It was comical in a way. It was like they were saying you weren't a real Chili Peppers fan if you didn't like Iggy Pop too. Ugh. These people looked to be in their 40s and 50s. Peer pressure at that age? Seriously? It made me think of a bunch of kids playing in a sandbox. "If you don't like peanut butter & jelly, I'm not going to be your friend." Talk about stupid. I consider myself a RHCP fan and there are a lot of things the band members like that I do not like. I don't think they'd hold anything against me, especially the fact that I don't care for Iggy Pop. It's not so much his music, but his mouth. He's extremely foul-mouthed and I had to keep the volume down whenever he was between songs because every other word was the f-bomb. I realize RHCP's do that too, but not to the same degree as Iggy. I adore AK, but we have different tastes in a lot of things. That's okay.

But for these grown men to be ridiculing people for not liking this old punk rocker and saying they're not true fans because RHCP likes them ... well, that just cracked me up. That kind of mentality is pathetic. Even Flea, the bass player, just tweeted that Iggy ruled the festival. That's fine, but I also know Flea would respect people for liking different types of music. Anyway, it just struck me funny for grown men to be talking to people like that. I really wanted to type, "Okay, guys, time to go back to your mom's basement." 


  1. I hear when I tell people I've never been all that fond of The Rolling Stones. I mean, I respect what they've given music, but I liked their music and never owned an album. Boy do I razzed about that!

  2. Bish -- I hear you. I've never been into The Stones that much either. I liked The Who and when it came to fans, they always kind of rivaled each other. Silly. I'm not a huge Beatles fan either, so it really bugs people when I tell them I met Paul McCartney in a train station once. LOL!

  3. Peer pressure never dies, does it? It doesn't age either, apparently. That is pretty funny, though. I liked your comparison to children in a sandbox.

    It would've been funny if you had posted your last thought, but it's probably better that you didn't. Still...

  4. You should've typed that! Okay, maybe not. Isn't it funny how ridiculous people can act?

  5. Peer pressure knows no age boundaries. My mother is 88 and lives in an apartment complex. The cool group sits in the lobby every afternoon to talk, and certain ones run the show.