Sunday, August 11, 2013

Elvis Week

August 10-17 is the official Elvis Week where fans from all around the world celebrate his life, music, movies, and legacy. I've never been to Graceland, which is where all the celebrations take place this week, but it's on my list of things I want to see sometime.

I was fortunate, however, to see Elvis live in concert when I was little. This was in the mid-70s. My mom took me to see him several times at the International Hilton in Las Vegas. I also saw him once in California. I believe that show was in Long Beach. My mom was a huge fan, so I grew up listening to his music, watching his films, and hearing about him almost on a day-to-day basis. I was crushed the day I got a phone call from my mom saying he had died. It broke my heart. As I got older, I really appreciated the fact that I had been blessed to see him perform live. He was heavier by the time I saw him, but his concerts are still the best I've ever seen in my whole life. No one — absolutely nobody — has ever come close. He was a true showman.

With it being Elvis Week and all, there are a lot of photographs and video clips popping up on the social media sites I'm on. I'm always scouring for pictures from the Las Vegas Hilton shows. I would absolutely LOVE to come across one from the shows I went to. The last one concert I went to at the Hilton was amazing because my mom and I were sitting front row center. They had long tables up against the stage and we were very close to being in the middle section. It would be fantastic to stumble across a picture and see myself in it. Who knows ... maybe I'll find one someday. However, if you ever see the little girl below in any of Elvis' old show pictures, please let me know. This was me after one of the shows at the Las Vegas Hilton.


  1. Oh my, that would be great to see yourself in one of those pictures! I went to one of his concerts, too. He was at the Charleston Civic Center one year, I wasn't front row center, but it was still a day I will always remember.

    1. That's awesome, Janet. I know a few people who were fortunate enough to see him perform. Even towards the end of his life, he still had that sparkle in his eye and put on an amazing show.

  2. That is so awesome that you got to see him perform. My mom had a lot of his albums, so I listened to his music a lot when I was a kid.

  3. Wait a minute! Elvis Week is a THING? Did you know Graceland is on my official bucket list and I think next year I get to go?
    Fun post, Rena!