Friday, December 6, 2013

Catholic School Girls Rule ...

Okay, that's a really bad pun from a pretty raunchy song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I couldn't resist though, being the loony fan I am. The Catholic school girl above does NOT rule. In fact, she was very, very nerdy, and pretty much a complete dork.

However, her daughter rules in many different ways. How Nichelle fixed this picture is beyond me. I only had one little copy of this one, and as you can see, it was covered with some sort of gunk. Nichelle was able to remove all the splotches. So ... although I still look like a DORK in the picture, she did a great job.

I only attended Catholic school for a year and a half. My sister was forced to go there by my mom. Like the dumb little sister I was, I said, "I wanna go too!" And so began my 1.5 years of absolute torment. I hated everything about it. The nuns were were so mean, they made us play dodgeball at recess, and I got scolded continuously for trying to have my own handwriting style. I hated the jumper too. The older girls got to wear the cool plaid skirts, but me? Oh, hell no. I had the stupid jumper. Ugh — I'm having serious flashbacks — eye is twitching.

Anyway, thanks for fixing this photograph, Nichelle!

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