Monday, April 27, 2015

Reader Sunglasses? Who knew?

First off, I apologize for the lame, dorky picture, but I am totally loving these sunglasses. Call me stupid, but I had no idea they made reader sunglasses. I have prescription progressive glasses, but I just can't get into them much. I also have prescription reader glasses that work fine, but I've found that I can read just as well with the over-the-counter ones. Anyway, the other day I saw these and was blown away. And now, of course, I'm seeing them everywhere I go. Obviously, I wasn't looking for them before because I didn't know they even existed.

It's so awesome not having to switch from readers to sunglasses to readers and back again. I went for a walk at a park yesterday and found that if I look right at the ground through the reader part, it looks a little blurry. Reminded me of a mini-blast wave moving by my feet. Ha! For the most part though, they were fine to walk in because they only have the reader part at the bottom. It sucks not being able to read outside or having to switch glasses constantly. Little findings like this make life so much easier.


  1. I like this pic of you. I always wondered how long your hair was.
    I got new glasses last year and got sunglasses with the same prescription. The progressive lens do take a while to get used to outside but I love them. Especially while driving.

    1. Thanks, Kaylyn! It's getting longer and longer. I've given up on getting it cut or styled by anyone. Too expensive. Rick has prescription sunglasses and likes them a lot, but it's a hassle when he goes indoors. I've found that my progressives come in handy if I'm driving at night. I don't do that often, but they do help make things a little more clear.