Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Enough already ...

I know yesterday's blog post was one big rant. I apologize for that, as well as apologize for today's rant. But seriously ... this is getting really, really old. I was really into pen palling back in the 1980s. At one point, I wrote to over 100 people at the same time. It was crazy, but that was before I was married and had a family. Over the years I gradually stopped writing to some people, and then finally, I got out of the hobby all together. I simply didn't have the time anymore since I was busy with my family. Then of course, everything went online. Most people switched to email letters, and at the time, I couldn't get into that. 

These past few years I've gotten random emails from a lady asking me why I stopped writing. I've replied back to her and told her I stopped writing to everyone. She's continued to send me emails asking for pictures of my family. Most of the time I've ignored them, but there were a few times I've answered just to clear things up. She wanted to know why I stopped writing to her, so I told her. I had valid reasons. She was lying to me, and she was telling everyone she was using heroin and instructing them not to tell me. The using didn't bother me as much as the lying and wanting our mutual pen pals to keep it secret from me. I mean, whatever. I chose to stop writing, plain and simple. Then more months would pass by and I'd hear from her again ... asking the same question about me sending pictures of my family.

This lady is now in her mid-fifties. I've been more than clear to her that I no longer write pen pal letters. I've told her I'm all over social media sites. Her reply to that was, "Oh, I avoid all those places." Really? Then how come I got an email from her the very day my newest website went live? It was almost like she had an alert on my name. I got an email that same day! So, if she's avoiding the Internet, why was she on my website? I can do an online search of my name and all sorts of my pictures pop up. I'm certainly not hidden. I do searches on her name, and sure enough, nothing comes up other than some link about a deed to her house after her mom died. So, I get that she might not be on social media ... or at least not using her real name. I don't know. Maybe she's in prison and all she can do is email. Who the hell knows.

So recently, I hear from her again, acting like none of the other emails even took place. What the hell? Again, she asks for pictures of my family. I reply explaining the whole thing again, and she acts surprised. She demands to know who those other pen pals were, and says she's surprised I believe everything I hear. Ummm, that's not really true. I heard a talking tape (like a letter, but on cassette) where she sounded totally off her rocker and like she was an absolute nutcase. I didn't stop writing her because I believed hearsay. I stopped writing her because she was acting like a freak. She told me to tell these other pen pals to contact her if they have something to say. Hello! They stopped writing her 15+ years ago too, just like me. No one wants to write letters to her. No one wants to send her pictures of their kids. No one freaking cares!

I'm getting really tired of it. I tried to be polite. I tried to let her know that I stopped writing to all of my pen pals. I explained that the ones I am still in touch with are through social media sites like Facebook. That wasn't enough for her. It's never been enough for this woman. Back when we were writing, if I'd send her one photo, she'd write back asking for two next time. If I sent her an hour talking tape, she'd request a two hour one next. Nothing ever made her happy. I wasn't lying when I told her I stopped writing to everyone. That was true. I simply had other reasons for not writing to her anymore. She pushed and pushed until I felt I should tell her ... and even then ... that wasn't good enough. I don't know. I guess I should try to figure out how to block her name, or at least send her emails to my spam box. She certainly can't take a hint. How sad is that. She's in her mid-fifties, for heaven's sake. You'd think she'd have better things to do than hassle me through emails begging for pictures of my kids. I'm really not that cool of a person, and I'm certainly not interesting enough to be stalked by some crazy woman.

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