Saturday, August 30, 2008

We're in Yellowstone!

We're in West Yellowstone, Montana. Our 6-hour drive took us over 8 hours, with stops for gas, lunch and a one hour trip to Walmart in Missoula. I live in the Flathead Valley, in northwest Montana and when people say they're going to the big city, they mean Missoula. Rick & I were walking around the Walmart Supercenter grumbling at how cheap the prices were. We only have a regular Walmart in Kalispell and the prices are no way near to being as low as the Missoula store. I don't know why they hose people in small towns like that. I had bought a box of cereal the day before for $4 and found the same one there for $2. I guess we'll have to stop on our way home to do some grocery shopping.

West Yellowstone is a small tourist town on the outskirts of the park. We've been here before, but we have never seen it so busy. We're usually here early in the season or off season. It's peak season with Labor Day weekend and the place is packed. It's a great little town, full of restaurants, fly fishing shops, gift shops and such. We're staying in our RV and are just minutes away from the entrance of Yellowstone NP. Doing the breakfast thing now, but we'll be going into the park later this morning. I haven't taken many pictures yet, but should have more by tomorrow after we visit the park. I just want to say hi and hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


  1. Can't wait to see the pics! I've never been to Yellowstone before.

    Have fun and take care of that foot. ;)


  2. Hi Rena! Glad you had a safe trip! I know what you mean about places hosing you on prices. We live in a small town and the prices at the local grocery stores are terrible.
    Looking forward to seeing your pictures.