Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ahoy there from Disney World, me hearties! Okay, so we all look pretty stupid, but they made us wear these silly looking things on our heads. We just got back from the Pirates & Pals event, which was a lot of fun. Actually, it was a lot more fun than we imagined it would be. We met at the Contemporary Hotel. There were all sorts of snacks and drinks. That was hysterical in itself because people were grabbing things like crazy. It was like a feeding frenzy. Then we got our picture taken with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. After that, we followed them out to some boats where we went out on the bay to watch the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom. It was really cool. When we got back to shore, Peter Pan was waiting, but we decided not to get our picture taken with him. He was kind of spazzy. He walked up to Neil and sniffed him and said, "You smell like a pirate." Then they both raced down the dock. It was pretty funny. They did a trivia game on the boat and Nathan won a backpack with a skull & crossbones on it. Neil came back with a pirate water pistol. Hopefully, we can get that back home through our checked luggage without TSA flipping out.
Tomorrow we're getting up early to go to the Animal Kingdom. We're going to Tusker House for breakfast first thing. The only reservations they had left was 8am, so we have to get there early. It's a character breakfast and also a buffet. I'm really excited about Animal Kingdom -- lots to photograph there!


  1. How fun! I'm going to be excited daily to see and here what all you've done for the day!!


  2. That sounds worth the reservation! I hope Animal Kingdom is as much fun--bet it will be!

  3. Ahoy there! Your holiday adventure have started - enjoy to the fullest everyone!

  4. I think you're all adorable. Hope you have a funtastic time!