Monday, April 23, 2012

Snow White

The boys and I are studying Snow White this week. By studying, I mean we're reading different versions of the story, comparing them, and doing some simple crafts. Now Snow White seems like an awfully girly thing to study, but my boys don't mind. They can pick anything apart and make it rude and crude. We read the Disney version today and were laughing how the seven dwarfs protected Snow White even in death, only for her to split with Prince Charming in the end. What about the dwarfs? Can't they live in the castle too? The boys can always find something to poke fun at, such as how willingly Snow White bit into the apple and how quickly the evil Queen died. We'll read the Grimm's version tomorrow and compare the two.

As a kid, I always liked the Disney version of Snow White. Rick often calls me Snow White because of all the little, forest animals I seem to attract. I thought of this just today when I was sitting on the deck and a little squirrel came right up to me. He was just a few inches away and of course I had to talk to him. I'm weird. Snow White is my mother-in-law's favorite movie and Disney princess. As much as I enjoy Snow White, I'd have to say my favorite was Sleeping Beauty. Not only is she prettier, but she sings way better. There's nothing really attractive about Prince Charming either. Prince Phillip is way more handsome. Well, when it comes to animated princes, that is. It's interesting how both princesses are tricked by an evil woman and fall into a deep sleep. A hundred year nap sounds kind of nice.

Anyway, it's a light-hearted study for the boys, so it's nothing major. We're going to Walt Disney World in a few more weeks, so this is a fun way to gear up for that. Last week we read different versions of Pinocchio and finished it off by watching the animated film. We'll probably do the same for Snow White. I picked her this week because Snow White's Scary Adventures is closing down at the Magic Kingdom. Neil normally skips that ride, but has agreed to go on it one time because he knows it will be gone forever. I think it was one of Walt's favorites, so we just have to ride it one last time.


  1. Awesome! By chance, do you homeschool?

    It sounds like a very fun thing to do, dissecting/studying different fairytales. What I don't like about the Disney Snow White is her little voice. She's too young for Prince Charming!

  2. My oldest LOVED the Disney movie. I kind of liked her more than the other princesses--she was BUSY DOING STUFF, HELPING those dwarves and what-not.

  3. Beth -- Yes, we're homeschoolers. We're in our 15th year, actually. There's a big gap between my girls (ages 22 and 21) and my boys (ages 12 and 10). It might not be for everyone, but it's worked really well for our family. :) I agree about Snow White's voice. It is so high-pitched.

    Melissa -- I know what you about about her being busy and helping. I always loved the scene where all the animals are helping her clean the dwarf's house. Now only if I could get all my forest critters to help me with mine! :)

  4. I wonder if there is a version of Snow White in the Andrew Lang books?