Thursday, January 10, 2013

Red Plaid Paper Lantern

I received a lovely surprise last night. A friend of mine made me this lovely paper lantern. Yes, it's really made from paper! Rae knew I loved red plaid, so this was perfect for me. She's made some amazing things from paper. I spent a few nights with her a few years back at a mountain cabin and we made these really cute paper purses. That's the one I made below. Mind you, when it comes to me and crafting, it usually includes construction paper and wiggle eyes. So, this little purse was a challenge for me, especially putting it together by candlelight with my bad eyes. The purse part was okay; the tiny beaded handle was what I struggled with. I don't know how Rae does these things, but her projects are amazing.

This plaid lantern is amazing! Rae included a little battery-operated tea light that goes in a hole in the back. It even flickers. There's also a little cord to hang it up. It's the coolest thing. Thank you so much, Rae!


  1. That is so pretty - and perfect for you! What a thoughtful friend!

    1. I thought so too. When she found out I liked plaid, she knew exactly what she wanted to make for me. :)

  2. Replies
    1. She makes the coolest things. Rick works with her and said she made these really beautiful Christmas wreaths from paper.