Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Pumpkins

The boys made these little Thanksgiving pumpkins the other day. They're really simple and easy, which is always a good thing for my boys. You can find all sorts of links how to make them online. I had to laugh when we were putting them together because it reminded me of the RHCP logo. I've got a one-track mind, obviously. Haha! Anyway, they were fun to make, so I thought I'd share there here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

PB Fudge

Okay, so I came across another "meme recipe" on Facebook yesterday. Some of those have turned out to be really good—others—not so good. I decided to try this one for peanut butter fudge yesterday. I wasn't sure if it would even work, more or less, taste any good. It worked just fine. It's super sweet, but if you like peanut butter, it's a good one.

I some of it with a glass of unsweetened almond milk, which helped with the super sweetness of the fudge. I'd definitely make it again. Even so, you never know with those memes!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Parking Lot Photography

It's seriously hard for me to get in or out of the car without finding something to take a picture of. Rick's always looking back saying, "You're going to get hit by a car!" and things like that. Seriously, there are cool things to photograph all around us. You don't have to go on a five mile hike to find them. The berries pictured above were taken near Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Above flower by Twisted Bliss Frozen Yogurt.
More berries from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
Yellow flower near Walmart.
Pink flower by Target.
Yellow flower at Target.
Changing fall leaves next to Walmart.

The beauty is out there. You just need to take a moment to look at it. These were all taken with my iPhone, by the way. I rarely carry my Canon to the big chain stores. ;)