Sunday, February 10, 2013

New LGBs!

Well, they're new to me, anyway. I actually might have Prayers for Children, but if I do, I think I have a different cover and/or illustrator. I was really happy to get The Country Mouse and the City Mouse from my mother-in-law recently. I found it in her garage last September when I was visiting and I meant to ask if I could have it. Apparently she got it from McDonalds as part of a Little Golden Books deal they were doing with their Happy Meals. Chipmunk's ABC is cool. All those old ones by Richard Scarry are awesome. I love his illustrations.

I apologize for slacking off on visiting everyone's blogs lately. I'm going to get back into that this week. It's been a crazy week with it being my birthday on the 8th and then Neil's birthday today. We've had birthday cake coming out of our ears! It happens every year. By the time I feel like I'm recovering from all the Christmas goodies, both of our birthdays come up. One of these years I'm going to get everyone to agree to celebrate my birthday one day late and Neil's one day early — February 9th. That way we can both celebrate with just one cake. By the time the cake is gone, we're hit with Valentine's Day. This year it just happens to be our 25th wedding anniversary. No more cake! I need to get into my summer clothes by May ...


  1. Happy BDay to all of ya! And I so know about cake coming out the ears but I love to bake. That's why I ran a friggin marathon. You just can't work off that much pastry :(

    Oh well...guess I should go for another run.

    1. I hear you. I haven't been feeling well, so I've slacked off with my exercise. Must get back into that!

  2. I think I have those books, too. I love them. I know what you mean by having birthdays close together. My two youngest sons' birthdays are two days apart in the middle of December. I usually make one cake for them to share.. . or two small cakes.