Friday, July 4, 2014

Lipstick Junkie ...

I recently tried a new non-transferable lip color. If you've followed my blog, you may remember me searching for a lipstick that doesn't come off on everything. I never worried about that much before. Maybe that's because I wear more reds now. I really hate getting lipstick on my food, dishes, and everything else. So anyway, I'm always on the look-out for the ones that are non-transferable. I recently tried Loreal's Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour. I really like it, especially how it comes in a little compact. The tubes pop up and down.

I've blogged about Maybelline's Super Stay 24 Color before. Judging by the seven I've accumulated—yes, SEVEN—I guess you could say I'm pretty fond of them. The reviews are funny. I don't know what people expect. I was reading one recently where some girl was really slamming the non-transferable lipsticks. She couldn't get over how drying they were. That's the whole point. The color is dry. You use the gloss stick for moisture. She couldn't get that idea in her head and totally complained about them. Not only that, but she admitted that she was a chronic lip-licker. Now I'm no rocket scientist, but if you constantly lick your lips, then maybe lipstick isn't for you. Maybe she should stick to Chapstick. I thought it was funny how she ranted about the lipsticks drying her lips. It sounds like she was doing that with her tongue.

Of course, my personal quest for a perfect lipcolor has been trial and error. The picture above is a good example of that. I like the two Revlon Colorstay ones on the left, but I don't like the gloss. That gloss is really sticky. I use those two, but use gloss from another. The brown and pink ones are Cover Girls, and I've had them for a long, long time. They might be original non-transferable ones for all I know. I still use them, but they're almost empty. The red Color Girl (next to the pink) has great color, but it doesn't stay. It either wears off or flakes off. Then I tried some super cheap ones—you always get what you pay for. I do, however, love the All Glossed Up one. It isn't non-transferable though. I keep that one in my purse. Sometimes I'll go out wearing one shade of lipstick, but then want more color. That red one comes in handy.

And as you can see, I have lipstick ISSUES! No, not really. I just like the stuff—a lot. I guess there's a lot worse things I could be into. I am not interested in any expensive brands either. That's not my thing, especially for something I wash down the drain at night. The Loreal ones are about $10-$12, and that's pretty much my limit when it comes to me and make-up.

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Ha ha! You are so much like me, Rena! I have 17 different shades of red! I should try the Maybelline 24 hour lip color. I don't have any of those!

  2. I'va always had lipstick issues with it fading way to fast. I tried the Avon one when it first came out and got a refund when it vanished within an hour and the same with many many others. I even tried using the pencil lip liner all over my lips and topping it off with gloss but it disappeared just as fast. I had all but given up until I saw your post about Maybelline's Super Stay 24 Color. It actually stayed on for more than an hour!!!!! I don't really like the gloss though and use, believe it or not, Blistex. I wish it came in more colors. So now you say Loreal's Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour is good too. Hmmmmm. What would I do without you Rena. :)