Monday, August 4, 2014


Not too long ago I was in Target when I spotted PB2. I might have squealed a little. It's hard to say. I'd seen this online, but never in a store. I've always wanted to try it. I am a huge peanut butter addict. It's really, really bad. I've often said I wish there was a way to form an aversion to the stuff. So, when I saw this at Target, I was really happy. A serving has only 45 calories, verses the 190/200 of most regular peanut butters. That's a big plus to me.

So, how do you actually eat powdered peanut butter, you ask? It's simple. You just mix 2T of powder in with 1T water. You get the same exact consistency of peanut butter. It's made with real peanuts. In fact, the ingredients are simply roasted peanuts, sugar, salt. They press the peanuts to remove 85% of the fats and oils.

You might have already tried this—or maybe not—but I hadn't, so I was excited to see I could buy it locally and not have to order it online. I've only put it in my protein shakes so far. If it helps me to eat less peanut butter, then this will be a good thing for me.


  1. Ah! I have seen this at our store, but I had NO idea what it actually was or how one used it. Huh.

  2. I have never heard of this stuff! Sounds like a perfect help for you and your PB addiction. But when I see stuff like this I think, "Who thought of that?" Like what genius actually thought he or she could take real peanuts, sugar and salt and press it and reduce the fat and come up with a powder and then actually DID it? My hat's off to that person!