Monday, April 6, 2015


A lot of you know that I'm slightly addicted to photo challenges on Instagram. That's when you have a certain theme or prompt and try to take a daily picture relating to it. Well, this new one came up that I just had to participate in. It's by @photoadventurersclub and you use the hashtag #PACdailyphoto for the prompts. The idea is to adopt a pet rock and send it on adventures for the month of April. I got a late start due to some health issues, but I've finally caught up. When I showed the rock to Rick and asked what he thought I should name it, he goes, "Muffin Top." What an utterly perfect name! So, this is MUFFIN TOP pictured here. April 1st she was supposed to "Go For A Walk", but since it was late, I just had her walking along my dresser. That was kind of her introduction. Then April 2nd the prompt was "Takes A Bath", so of course, a girl like that had to take a bubble bath in a crystal heart-shaped tub ...

April 3rd the prompt was "Plays A Game", but Rick said she only goes to Vegas for the buffets.

April 4th was "Watches A Film". MUFFIN TOP thinks Sean Connery rocks!

April 5th found her "Playing An Instrument". Shhh, don't tell Nichelle. She was at work.

And today, April 6th, the prompt was "Takes A Nap". She hadn't fallen asleep yet, obviously.

I have to say ... I'm having a little too much fun with MUFFIN TOP. I've gotten another IG friend doing it, so we're both cracking up at each other's photos. 


  1. And of course, she is sleeping in PLAID! How cute and fun. I'll be looking for Denny in a few future shots.

    1. Yeah, I did the "Makes A Friend" one with her and Denny yesterday, but he wouldn't leave her hair alone. Crazy cat.