Monday, December 15, 2008

Carol of the Bells

As some of you know, "Carol of the Bells" is my all-time favorite Christmas song. I love it so much that I actually collect this song. I have over 30 versions of it on a playlist on my iPod. Each one is totally different and I have it done with bells, piano, jazz, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harp, violin, fiddle, harmonica, kids, surf, rap, babies, even cats and dogs! I've heard some of Straight No Chaser before, but recently my friend Nancy showed me this video clip. I knew I had to have it and add it to my collection. Isn't it awesome? Rick bought the entire CD from iTunes and all of their songs are amazing. Check them out, if you haven't already. "Carol of the Bells" is a beautiful song and it has been done in so many interesting ways. If you ever hear any good ones, please keep me in mind because I'm always looking to add to my collection. Thanks!


  1. I'll keep an ear out for more Rena.


  2. No Rena - I didn't know you liked this song! (hee hee) Just kidding, you may have mentioned it somewhere before a few times!

    This is a great version though! I don't spend much time on YouTube to see other versions... I guess I could hum a few bars... But no, you said to keep you in mind not scare you to death! lol

    Great song though.

  3. Brings back cool memories of singing this in a vocal choir and playing it with a handbell choir. I've heard a lot about "favorite Christmas songs" this year. Don't think I've ever really identified mine.

  4. That was beautiful. I never knew that song was called Carol of the Bells! I'll see if there is a rock n roll version somewhere :0) Though, this version is pretty great.

  5. Kelly -- There are a lot of rock & roll versions. I have one by Steve Lukather you might like. It has a lot of guitars.

  6. That is beautiful! I love it!!


  7. Oh! Carol of the Bells is one of my favorite too! Thanks for sharing. Fun times.

  8. Beautiful! I love a cappella groups.

  9. That was quite awesome. My daughter likes this song too but this year for marching band they did a "Christmas" themed show and one of the songs they had to play was Carol of the Bells and by the time Christmas music started playing on the radio and on the commercials on TV, they were tired of it and would as that we not listen. She still enjoys it, now that we haven't been listening to the radio as much and that band season is over.

    My favorite songs at Christmas are:

    1. Little Drummer Boy
    2. Do You Hear What I Hear (only if it has the fourth verse and doesn't drop at the third)
    3. Greensleeves
    4. White Christmas only sung by Bing Cosby

    I'm weird I know - and no I don't have a collection of them on an iPOD (don't even have an iPOD to have a collection of anything on). I do have a few CDs with those songs on but I don't listen to them that often.

    Good job finding something you enjoy - E :)