Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paper Bag Scarecrows

Yesterday the boys made these Paper Bag Scarecrows, which I thought turned out really cute. I first saw them last year when Amanda posted them on her blog. Click here to see Crafts by Amanda. She has some great stuff! She's been working with Disney's Kaboose for quite awhile, coming up with great craft products for both kids and adults. She's also on Facebook. If cooking is more your thing, check out her other blog, Amanda's Cooking. She posts some fantastic recipes, too.

Back to the boy's scarecrows -- they had a lot of fun making these. The only thing we didn't have was two paint stir sticks. We only had one, so we used one of those stiff tubes from an empty roll of aluminum foil. It worked just as well, if not better. It also goes to show you that it pays to save and recycle your trash! Amanda's scarecrows featured a foam flower on the hat, and even though we have lots of foam pieces, the boys wanted to skip that. Instead, Nathan made a layered flower out of construction paper. Both boys wanted to stick a black crow feather into the hats for drama. It was a pretty easy craft for them and the end product turned out really cute. So, if you're kids have a long weekend for Veteran's Day, they might want to try this. If you don't have any wiggly eyes on hand, they can easily be drawn on or made with paper. Have fun!


  1. those are adorable!!!! Great job boys! (and mom)

  2. Rena,
    You are always doing the coolest things! Your boys are getting big!!!

  3. Really cute project. (Your boys are adorable!)

  4. Neat scarecrows! I always change things when I make crafts, it makes them unique. I've written a story about a scarecrow and a friend of mine who is a librarian, says scarecrow books are great because there are so many activities and crafts that teachers can do with them. Too bad the publishers I've sent the manuscript to don't like it.