Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Adoption Day, Denny!

It was exactly one year ago today we adopted a skittish little cat named Denny. He was the only cat at the LARS animal rescue that wouldn't let us anywhere near him. Denny was born in the wild and still very much a feral cat when we went to take a look at him. I saw him online through Petfinders and fell in love with his little ear tufts. Those reminded me so much of my other cat, CJ. We had a 45 minute ride home and he hissed most of the way back. By that evening, he was rubbing up to me and purring, so I knew he was going to adjust just fine. However, I had no idea just how well he'd adjust. He's gone from being a wild cat to one of the most amazing cats anyone could wish for. He's so much like CJ that it's uncanny. It's like CJ sent him to us himself.

No longer is Denny a scrawny, skittish wild thing. He's grown into a massive blob of blubber and fur. He's so good with the boys and lets them carry him all over the house, including up and down the stairs. Right now he's in the playroom with them -- doing who knows what. When the boys go outside to play, Denny sits by the door and cries. He just wants to be with them. Before Nicole left for college, he'd wait for her to come home from work so he could take his afternoon power-nap with her. He also hangs out with Nichelle and her cat, Kitty. I've never seen a cat who wants to be with everyone. Usually, cats have a family favorite, but Denny loves his time with everyone. My time is about 5am when he wants to cuddle up to my face and nip me under my chin. He even sits on the couch with Rick and watches TV. I've never seen a cat watch TV the way Denny does.

His favorite thing to do is watch the birds and squirrels in our feeder. Every morning after I eat breakfast, Denny rips down the hall in front of me, knowing it's time to feed the critters. He goes to where I keep the feeder and rubs his face all over it. Then I open the door and he follows me out on the deck to hang up the feeder. When I'm doing that, he plops down on the deck and rolls around. The only time he won't go outside is when it's raining. He doesn't like rain. Snow doesn't seem to bother him and he darts right out. He's truly a Montana cat! Happy Adoption Day, Denny!


  1. Funny I remember thinking how CJ looked just like my cat Henry. and now Denny too.

    Henry follows my daughter everywhere, even across the street when she plays with her friends. I've never had a cat like that.

  2. Happy Adoption Day! He sounds like a real sweetie :)

  3. I've never known a cat to like everyone either. It's really nice he spreads himself around. Happy Adoption Day...I'm tardy I know.