Monday, October 8, 2012

Just an update ...

We had an incredible sunset last night. This picture hardly justifies it. However, I know when Neil runs in saying, "Did you see the sunset? It's beautiful!" then it has to be pretty darn spectacular. It was, although I didn't put much effort in photographing it well. Today is cloudy and the forecast said it might rain, but we have yet to see that. It's warmed up a bit from the past few days when it was dipping into the 20s at night. Now it's back to the 30s and 40s, which isn't bad. Those frosty mornings make it feel like autumn though.

I apologize to anyone reading who has a blog that I haven't visited in awhile. I have been really bad about blogging, but would like to get back into it. I've been busy with the start of the school year though, as well as trying to catch up on some school-related projects that are long overdue. Each year I make a yearbook for my kids and I'm behind on that right now. So any free time I've had -- that hasn't been wasted on social media sites -- has gone to working on the yearbook. I've also been in a bit of a slump and haven't felt like doing much of anything these past few days. So anyway ... I hope all is well with you!


  1. We all need a break every now and then...thanks for sharing the sunset with us

  2. I imagine every day is gorgeous where you live.
    Fall is so busy, add in your projects with the kids and you must not have a moment's rest.