Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tis the Season ...

We got the tree up the other night. The boys like decorating it over the Thanksgiving weekend, regardless whether any of us feel like it or not. Neil was up at the crack of dawn waiting, so it was hard not to get it out. This picture was taken with my iPhone and I was on the floor when I took it. Our tree is 9.5 feet tall, not including the star, so it's pretty big. Most of our ornaments are handmade ones by the kids. Those have always been my favorites. However, the other night I took a few pictures of some store bought ones, so I thought I'd share a few with you. The one below has always been my favorite with CJ's picture it in. It has a place for a light to slip in the top, so it lights up. I really miss that little guy!


  1. Any tree with Elvis, Jack and Jessica is a good one;)

  2. What a large tree you have! I also love homemade ornaments and my tree is usually filled with them hanging on the branches. I haven't put mine up yet, but will soon.

  3. Thanks, Green Girl. Poor Nero doesn't have his nose though. I got that one at Disneyland and I think it broke off before I ever got it home.

    Janet -- I hope you get yours up soon. I'm enjoying your picture book posts. :)