Thursday, November 1, 2012

Two Monsters & A Winner!

The boys had a fun time trick-or-treating last night. As usual, we took them to the little village area of Bigfork where we live. All the local shops pass out candy to the kids. It's mostly gift shops, cafes, art galleries, and things like that. They do it from 4-6pm, but we always try to be there right at 4pm. By 5pm, it gets really crowded and a lot of the stores start running out of candy. It's nice for us because we're usually home early and get to spend the rest of the night eating pizza and watch Halloween cartoons as a family. Neil dressed up as a werewolf (above) and Nathan was the Scarecrow Ghost Face (below). Pretty creepy!

I also have a winner for the Wiggly Drawing that I blogged about last night. I know I said I'd pick a winner on Monday, but ... well, what can I say? I'm a slug. I've got a bunch of things going on right now and today is the first time I've gotten back to my blog. Anyway, the winner is ...


I realize her reply doesn't show up in my comments section. I know she replied though because I have it in my email. Must have been some Blogger glitch that day or something. Anyway, if you could send me a mailing address, Tina, I'll get the books out to you as soon as I can. Congratulations!

ETA: Thanks to my oldest daughter, Nichelle, who came up with the idea for the boys to pose for pictures by this field we parked in. She's got such an incredible eye for photography! :)