Monday, July 1, 2013

Just doing my part ...

... to keep our local Walgreens in business, that is.

If you read my blog the other day, you know I took a nasty fall while hiking with Rick on Saturday. As if the sore knee and scraped up leg weren't bad enough — now I'm dealing with the mosquito bites I got that day. We had repellent on, but obviously not enough, and certainly not a strong enough formula for that many insects. They were literally eating us alive. I had Rick spray me with Benedryl last night and then I took an antihistamine on top of it. Those always make me really loopy and sleepy, so I don't like taking them. I had to because all these bites flared up, and I'm miserable. You could probably find a constellation on my back!

I tried counting them today and got up to around 80 bites. Then I looked closer at my face when I was putting my make-up on and found about 25 tiny ones along my hairline, on my cheeks, even one on my eyelid. I know I have some on my scalp too. It's just crazy. I have to have over 100 bites! Like a dork, I wore shorts and a tank top that day. The news kept saying it was going to be in the 90s, and might even get into the 100s. I didn't want to overdress and then get too hot. I know better. It barely reached 85 that day, and we hiked early, and in mostly covered areas of the forest. Next time I'll be more prepared for such a rugged hike. As you can see from the picture, I'm stocking up for the next trip out, which hopefully will be this week!


  1. Sounds like you really got beat up! I hope you heal quickly!

    1. Thanks, Sherry, and yeah, I did, but I'm feeling better already. Back to doing my squats, although very gently. LOL!

  2. Oh how miserable!
    I'm a fan of AfterBite, but I never had that many bites at once.