Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Marshmallow Man & Friends

Not too long ago I logged into Instagram and saw this photograph. Talk about making my day! My friend Tina posted this picture of her children reading my book, The Marshmallow Man. I was having a pretty rotten day up until that moment. It made me really happy. What I enjoyed even more than the picture was what Tina wrote in the description. This is what she said:

"Oh my goodness Rena. The kids loved this book so much. Matt laughed so hard! Emily still cannot believe how it ended. She just sat there and looked at me before she giggled. AND ... Joshy thinks it should be turned into a movie! So ... you need to get on that. Loved it!"

Like I said, I was having a bad day, and this totally turned it around. Tina and her family are all awesome on their own, but this really made me smile. Their faces are absolutely priceless! The Marshmallow Man was brought to life by the talented illustrator, Stephen Macquignon. It is published by 4RV Publishing and is available through their website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or ordered through any bookseller. You can watch the book trailer here.

Thanks again, Tina — you and your children totally made my day!