Monday, September 2, 2013

Almost that time again ...

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. I'm sorry for not keeping up with everyone's blogs. I've totally sucked at that lately, and I hate it because I really enjoy hearing what everyone is up to. I'm hoping once I get back into a routine ... yeah, yeah, I say that all the time. Regardless, I am going to try a lot harder. I've missed catching up with all of your news.

I've spent the weekend working on school stuff, so my classroom is more of a disaster than I'd like. I had hoped to start school tomorrow, but it's going to wait a few more days. I'm still waiting on some materials, but I should get them this week sometime. I don't have a date yet, but it shouldn't be too much longer. I did manage to get a lot accomplished this weekend. I got the boys' binders from last year all organized. Now I'm working on updating all my records, forms, worksheets, calendars, and that sort of thing. 

The boys and I are going out of town in a few weeks also, but a lot of that is going to count for school time as well. We'll be tagging along with Rick on one of his work conferences, which just happens to be in Billings. That's where my daughter Nicole goes to college. Nicole didn't come home this summer because she needed a few extra classes to have enough credits to graduate on time. Between that and working full-time, she was busy all summer. The sad thing is that we haven't seen her since Christmas. When we found out Rick's conference was in Billings, we decided to go with him so we could see her. Maybe she can give us a tour of her college. We're also hoping to head over to Zoo Montana. So, even though we'll be away, there's lots of school-like activities to do. I'll probably bring some of their other work just so they don't get too bed. It will give them something to do in the hotel room at night. 

Okay, I better get back to the chaos now. I hope you're all doing well.