Thursday, March 20, 2014


The only thing that tells me spring is near are the birds. We've had a few birds come back that aren't normally found here during the winter. I'm not sure what to think of the Black-Eyed Juncos (pictured above) because I normally see them all winter, but I didn't this time. They came back from wherever they went just the other day. We had a big flock of them hanging around. Even so, this is northwestern Montana and it's still only 34 degrees out with a chance of snow tonight. That's normal for us this time of year, so I guess I can't complain. In addition to it being the first day of spring, it is also ...

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day
Alien Abduction Day
Atheist Pride Day
Bed-in For Peace Day
Companies That Care Day
Great American Meat Out Day
International Astrology Day
International Day of Happiness
French Language Day
Kiss Your Fiancée Day
National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Proposal Day
Now Ruz
Snowman Burning Day
Vernal Equinox (Spring)
World Storytelling Day
Won't You Be My Neighbor Day
World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People

Seriously! It's a good thing we're not required to keep track of all these crazy holidays.


  1. Rena, Happy Vernal Equinoxing! A few questions, though. How does one burn a snowman? And do we abduct an alien to celebrate or vice-versa? Troubling questions, indeed! do atheists show pride, anyways?! And what exactly am I supposed to put my bed in???

  2. And, it was also my oldest son's birthday! Happy spring, Rena.

  3. Those fat little birds--we see them here, too!