Saturday, June 14, 2014

New-Old Music

I realized not too long ago that I hadn't bought many new CDs lately. It seems I always get an iTunes gift card for Christmas or my birthday, so most of the new music I buy is digital. That isn't a bad thing, although I still love having an actual CD for some weird reason. You know how much I love going to the thrift store. I usually look at the music, but very rarely do I find anything. The other day I found these two CDs above. They're extremely different from one another. Air Supply is an Australian band that did a lot of love ballads. Audio Adrenaline is a Christian rock band that I like a lot. I realized I didn't have any music by Air Supply, so I decided to get it. I spent $2 on both CDs. That's pretty good when you consider there are 35 songs between them. You can't buy 35 songs on iTunes for two bucks!

Then today I ran back into the store to pick up a game I saw the other day when I was with Neil. We already had the game, but we're missing a bunch of pieces in ours. It was the Don't Break The Ice game. Anyway, I saw it there the other day but didn't buy it. I decided to get it today, especially since it was only 75-cents and it had all the pieces I needed to complete my set. As I was walking out I looked at the CDs again, and it looked like they had gotten a bunch of new ones in since the last time I was there. So, I grabbed the ones above. I have some songs by REM, Pearl Jam, and Yes, but I didn't have these particular albums. I am not familiar with Norah Jones at all, but figured I'd give her a listen. After all, thirteen songs for a buck is worth a listen, right? I was really excited about the South African Legends CD. That's definitely not something I'd probably buy in a store, but I do have a lot of international music, so I was happy to add it.

CDs are a dollar each at the thrift store I go to. So, that's not too shabby. I certainly could NOT have gotten 91 songs on iTunes for $7!

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