Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We just had a visitor ...

This little-big guy just paid us a visit — much to Denny's dismay. It's been raining for two days straight. We are seriously considering building an ark soon. Anyway, I had the feeder on the deck floor by my bedroom door because of the rain. The squirrels have been making such a racket and have been fighting with each other, so there's been quite a bit of noise out there.

A few minutes ago I heard more thumps, although this sounded louder than the others. I turned to look at Denny and he took off like a banshee. Next thing I see is this black bear hopping down from the railing onto the deck. I tapped on the glass and he took off. It's a dead-end near my room, so he either had to go back the way he came up, or go down the deck the long way. He chose the long way and then ran up the hillside. There he stopped at an old tree trunk and tore it to bits looking for food — good bear. It's only 2:30pm, so it's a good reminder that bears are active at ANY time of the day.


  1. Maybe he was just looking for a picnic basket.

    1. Most definitely! And so funny you said that. After I told Rick he had scared Denny, Rick started calling the bear "Boo Boo".

  2. Maybe he was just lookng for a picnic basket.