Friday, January 8, 2016

Star Wars Nerd

I found these necklaces at Target recently. Darth Vader I found in the Christmas stuff before the holiday. I just got the Storm Trooper on clearance. They had moved them over to the toy section in the Star Wars area. The chains are pretty short, around choker-length, since they're made for kids. Not that that's ever stopped me. I have so many necklaces made for kids. They're the most fun. They come in these little tin boxes too.

Anyway, I've worn the Vader one on longer chains already. I just opened the Storm Trooper up today. Rick and I are going to see The Force Awakens later this afternoon, so I'm trying to decide which one to wear. This will be my forth viewing of the movie, and second time seeing it in 3D. Even after three times, I'm really (really!) looking forward to it.

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