Saturday, March 19, 2016

Remember this?

The other day we received a free Reader's Digest in the mail. I haven't read this magazine in years. As a kid, I often sat around hospitals and nursing homes waiting for my mom to get off work. Magazines were all over these places, including Reader's Digest. I remember reading it quite often. Over the years, I have really gotten out of buying magazines all together. When my girls were younger, I used to subscribe to Family Fun magazine. After awhile, Disney bought it and started making it smaller with more ads than articles or projects. I guess the Internet was partially to blame for killing the allure of magazines. The boys still get a few, but only ones their grandparents have given as gift subscriptions. Anyway, back to Reader's Digest ...

I sat down yesterday and went through this magazine. I was really surprised how little it has changed after all these years. It's still the same small size, and still filled with interesting articles, comics, how-to tips, and a few ads. It's *almost* made me want to subscribe to it. I'm curious how many people will actually subscribe after receiving a complimentary issue. Would you?


  1. Years and years ago my mom gave us a gift subscription. I'm not sure if I kept it up or not. But, I do look at these every now and then. It's a good magazine. Years ago we made crafts out of them. Folded them to make Christmas trees and Santa Clause's out of them. They were pretty!

  2. Ah, the Readers' Digest! As a kid it would be a fight in my family as to who got to read it first. Funnily enough, as an adult I've never subscribed to it though--or any magazine for that matter. I think it comes down to time . . . or lack of. Fun memories!