Monday, August 8, 2011


It was exactly 3 years ago today I received my first contract for A New Job for Dilly. I still remember the excitement I felt when I got the email from Vivian Zabel telling me 4RV Publishing, LLC was going to publish my first picture book. Although Dilly wasn't the first book I wrote, it will always hold a special place for me because it was my first to be published.

I want to thank all of you who have read A New Job for Dilly, taken the book to your child's school, given it as a gift, blogged about it, or even simply commented on it. I appreciate it all. Thanks to those who've sent pictures of their kids with the book as well. If you haven't done that and would like to, I would love to see your photos. Please let me know if it's okay to post them on my website, blog, or Dilly's Facebook page. There's a link to his page on the lower right of this blog.

Dilly also has his own website @ Dillyland. Keep your eyes on that because it will change as new information comes in regarding the upcoming book, A New Friend for Dilly. Although it's not technically Dilly's birthday because the book wasn't released until June 2009, today is a special day because it was when I received his very first contract. Thank you, Vivian, and thanks to everyone who has made Dilly what he is today.


  1. Happy sort-of-birthday to Dilly! He's one of my favorite storybook heros. :o)

  2. Wow! That's exciting, Rena!
    I'm so glad Dilly has found such great adventure and a big audience!

  3. Sometimes writing gets so discouraging -- it's good to remember the successes!