Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goodnight, Moon!

I took this picture of the moon last night. Jupiter was really bright also, but my pictures didn't turn out that well because they were so far apart. I was just using my little Canon camera. I didn't have it on any special settings or have it set up on a tripod. Not only that, but it was cold outside. I was standing on the porch worrying that the cats would run out the door without me seeing them. So, with all that to think about, I gave up and went inside and took this one from the window. Ha! Considering my window was filthy, I was surprised it turned out at all. My favorite moon picture that I've taken is the one below. I took that one inside Yellowstone National Park one evening while Rick was fly-fishing in the Madison River. The boys were chasing bugs and I was fiddling with Rick's camera and zoom. It's my favorite.


  1. Sweet photos. The night sky must be lovely at your altitude!

  2. Beautiful - none of my pictures have turned out so well

  3. Amazing! Did you have a serious zoom lens? I can actually see the texture of the moon!