Friday, January 24, 2014

Macro Shmacro ...

One of these days — and I know I keep saying this — I'm really going to have to sit down and get serious about learning how to use my camera. It's still fairly new to me, although it's a lot like my old camera, so there really is no excuse. I'll figure it out ... eventually.

I've been having fun playing around with macro on my Canon, such as with these photos. I'm still surprised how good of a camera my iPhone 4S has, and I have fallen into the trap of using it too much. On New Year's Day Rick and I went up to Glacier NP and I found myself using my phone more than my Canon. Kind of sad, but each seem to have good qualities about them.

I also use filters a lot, but mostly on my Instagram photos. I know a lot of people seem to take pride in using the hashtag #nofilter on their pictures. I do that sometimes, but using only if adding a filter makes it look worse — not better. For me though, I like the filters and frames, so I use them a lot. Sometimes the filters make my pictures resemble more of what I saw with my eyes. Sunsets are like that. You can see the most vivid sunset and take a picture of it, only for it to show up pale in comparison to how you saw it. A simple filter or adding contrast can really bring the filters out. 

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