Friday, January 31, 2014

School IDs

This is a sample of of Neil's student ID card. By no means are we required to make these, nor do we ever really need them. Regardless, I still make them for the boys to keep in their wallets. I print them on heavy card stock and then laminate them. Obviously, I've X'd out some vital information for safety reasons, but you get the idea. This card is from last year also.

It made me think of my old high school ID card I had in a box in my closet, so I dug it out to look at it. Funny how they had a place for a signature, but then someone went ahead and wrote my name on it. That isn't my writing. They should have just put "name" and then a place for it to be written in. I think the stickers were for lunch passes to let me off campus. I can't remember. That was such a long time ago. Do you still have your school ID cards?

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