Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rock 'N' Roll Princesses Wear Black

Music class and recess totally rock, but being teased in school and ignored at home totally stinks. Stefani Lucas is a rockin' sixth grader who loves music and dresses like a mini hipster in all black, but there's one thing cramping her style—her lame baby brother who manages to hog all the attention from her parents.

When classmates tease her about her clothes and even double dare her to (gasp!) wear another color, Stef decides a minor makeover may be in order. Can Stef change for others and still stay true to herself?

I ordered this book right before I left on vacation, so I was really happy to find it waiting for me when I got home. Even as old as I am, I still love reading middle grade stories, especially when they are about music and written by friends.

Kelly's story is wonderfully written and realistically accurate. It brought back memories of my first day of high school when I stepped on a wooden platform only for it to tip and find myself sunk up to my knee in mud. I really felt for Stefani in some situations, especially when it came to mud and being picked on for what type of clothes I wore in school. Rock 'N' Roll Princesses Wear Black is a fun read. I know many young girls will be able to relate to Stefani.

Publisher: Big Smile Press, LLC
ISBN-10: 0988846225
ISBN-13: 978-0988846227