Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Road trip ...

Saturday morning we left early to drive Nicole back to school. She goes to Rocky Mountain College in Billings, which is eight hours away. She has a car at school, but it's older and not super dependable, so we drive her back and forth for now. It was so nice to have her home for the holidays. The time went by way too quickly, as always. Anyway, we were expecting a big storm all the way across the state from Saturday through Monday. Our plans were to drive her back on Sunday, since she started classes on Monday, but with the storm we left a day early. It's a good thing we did. Driving home was treacherous on Sunday. By Monday, some of the interstate we had driven on the day before was closed down. So, I guess we timed it well, despite having to get her there a day early.

As usual, any road trip is a chance for me to take photographs. It's fun for me to take them as we're driving because I never know what I will catch. Sometimes I use my phone, and other times my camera. The picture below here is an old, abandoned house on a farm. We drive by it all the time. You can't see it, but just to the left a few years is a toppled over car. It's a really, really old car too. We call it the "Cow Car" because the first time we saw it there were a bunch of cows hanging out by it. We joked that they were car tipping. But anyway, the old house is fairly close. I took this with my phone, then zoomed in and added a filter to make it look older. Once I posted it on Instagram, I couldn't get over how much it looked like a sketch. Weird.

Below is another picture of Our Lady of the Rockies. It's a 90 foot tall statue in Butte, Montana. It's on private property, so the only way to see it up close is by private tour. I don't know how much that costs. The only time I'm ever in Butte is when I'm driving through, so the only way I've seen her is from I-90. I zoomed in really far, and this was taken while Rick was driving pretty fast. One of these days I'm going to have to stop and get a proper photograph of her ... if not go on the tour itself.

I hope everyone is having a great New Year so far. I'm doing well with keeping up with my Bible program. If I keep it by my bed, I shouldn't have any problem. It's only a few pages per day. Now that I'm home from our trip, I hope to keep up with blogging as well.


  1. So glad you were able to spend time with your daughter. I can't believe how much she's grown since I started following you. :) And you're right! That cabin totally looks like an old watercolor painting. Love it! :)