Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nathan's poem ...


By Nathan Jones

In our world of legends and myths,
We never believe a thing.
Only until the rumors spread,
And tales begin to spring.

Should you choose to understand,
The fate of another's visions.
Or refuse to become the ones,
Inside the deep and dark incisions.

Once a theory makes a buck,
It invites itself into your head.
Keeping you thinking and wondering,
Of the secrets beneath your bed.

As you were in the light of dawn,
You never notice those who look.
They may remain completely absent,
Until you close your eyes and shut the book.


  1. Rena he has a way with words. AND you definitely have an impact on him. I can ear your voice in his writing!

    1. He really surprises me sometimes. And there I was rushing him to finish so I could end the school day. Typical.