Monday, February 8, 2016

BB-8 on February 8!

Today is my 51st birthday. I've never been one to be bothered by my age. I know it bugs some people to get older, but I've never cared one way or another. I've always been comfortable getting older. I certainly don't want to go back and be younger—not in today's world, that is. Anyway, I had a really nice birthday. I just spent it at home with my family (minus Nicole, who lives in Billings) and we did the cake and present thing after dinner. It was nice. I got a lot of cool things too, including this awesome BB-8 cake above—I'm a total Star Wars nerd!

Here's a photo of all the goodies I received. Rick got me a Kindle Paper White, which is currently charging. I'm looking forward to giving that a try soon. I also got lots of football stuff, which might keep me busy now that the season has ended. I'm always asking Rick questions he can't answer, so now I have a Football for Dummies book. Maybe I can answer a few questions for him next season. The puzzle is awesome too because it's all of classic book covers, many of which we have. Nichelle gave me The Force Awakens mug. It's holds both hot and cold drinks. Awesome! And the Rebel Alliance earrings—did I mention I'm a Star Wars nerd?

Rick brought me home some roses too. I need to put them in another spot before I go to bed. Denny loves them, and I'm sure he'll be up on the table trying to rub his face on them. 


  1. Happy belated! So glad you had a great day. I'm like you--totally don't care about the aging thing. My husband on the other hand . . .

  2. Happy birthday! Glad to see you were treated like a queen! (Or at least a Rebel Alliance Princess!)