Monday, February 22, 2016

Weird ...

First off ... I apologize for the picture of my ugly ear. Ears are weird looking, especially mine. The Seahawks earrings are cool though. I got them at the Pro Shop in Seattle recently. Anyway, what is really weird is the stud earring. I've had double holes in my ears since way back in the 1980s. However, I haven't worn earrings in them since before we moved to Montana. We've been here over nine years now, so I'm guessing I haven't worn earrings in my top holes for 10+ years. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I put earrings in. I decided to try yesterday, just out of the blue. I was shocked they went in without any struggle.

For some reason, I figured after 10+ years, the holes would eventually close up. I was wrong. So naturally, I had to Google to see if piercing holes close up or not. I've read all sorts of mixed opinions. Some say they'll close, but others say they won't. It also depends on the type of piercing. I read one comment where a guy said his tongue piercing closed up completely in two hours. I guess the tongue and ear lobes are pretty different. I'm not really into body piercing, so this is all I'll ever get. I just thought it was strange that the holes hadn't closed up at all. I did find some interesting articles in my search, including this one ...


  1. Well, you got me curious. I have a second hole in one earlobe but I haven't had an earring in it for at least 35 years. I had to go see and by golly, it's still there and usable!

  2. That is weird! And I LOVE the Seahawk bling ;D