Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cool Beans ...

Last night I decided to sort through my vanity table. My make-up has been taking over, so I needed to get it organized better. Even after ripping out some section dividers in my vanity, I still didn't have enough room for all my junk. So, this morning I looked on Amazon for cosmetic organizers. I didn't see anything I really liked, and a lot of the reviews said the products were smaller than they had hoped. Then I thought of officer organizers, so I looked at a few of those, but didn't see anything I liked all that much.

We went up to town today, so we stopped at Staples to see if they had anything. I was getting pretty discouraged when we walked around a section in the very back of the store and I saw this desk organizer on clearance. It was exactly what I was looking for. And the best part ... it was only $6! They had three designs to choose from, so I went with the leaves. Had we not walked around the very back of the aisle, I wouldn't have seen this. It holds a ton of stuff.

I also got my wall candle sconces fixed up today. For my birthday, Rick had given me some of those battery-operated candles. I loved these sconces, but they're designed poorly because when you light the candle, it heats the one above it. We only light them when the power goes out. Once we found out how hot they get and how they melt the candles above them, we stopped doing it. So, the battery candles were a better choice. Of course, they don't really light up the room all that well, but at least they'll show us where the wall is so we don't run into it. They look kind of cool, and they flicker too. I have three more wall sconces downstairs, so I'm going to change them over also.


  1. Wow. What a productive day! I love the organizer. Pretty and functional.

    1. Thanks. Sad thing is -- my vanity drawers are still filled. This was just an addition. Ha!