Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chickadee rescue ...

I was sitting in my room yesterday when I heard a thunk on the glass door. I hear this a lot because birds crash into our windows all the time. This one hit harder than normal, so I got up to look and found a little black-capped chickadee on my deck. Normally, I just let them be when this happens. They either perk up or they die. But since this one landed in the snow I felt like I had to help it. It didn't land on the soft snowy part, but rather on the icy part where the water was dripping from the eaves of the roof. I knew if I left him there, he'd probably freeze to death or get crushed from the icicles that were falling. I got a washcloth and set it on the deck where there wasn't any snow. The little guy had his feet stuck into the ice, so I couldn't get him up easily. He was barely conscious, but I could tell he was alive. I broke the ice around his little feet and then managed to lift him up onto the cloth. Then I tapped off the ice from his little toes. I wrapped the washcloth around him a bit and came back inside. I really didn't expect him to make it. The next time I checked on him, he had his head up. Then I checked a few minutes later and he was standing. A little while later he was all perked up and jumped up onto my table. Then he flew off -- amazing! The picture here isn't the actual one, but he looked the same. Like I said, this happens all the time with our house because we have so many windows. I normally just let them recover themselves, but this poor little guy probably would have died because his feet were stuck in the ice. I see dozens and dozens of these birds at my house everyday, probably in the hundreds. I don't know -- it just felt good thinking that maybe, just maybe, I helped save his little life.

On another note -- I've been listening a lot to the musical soundtrack for the old show La Femme Nikita lately. There's one song on there that I'm really enjoying right now. I looked for it on You Tube, but only found video clips that fans must have made. One wasn't appropriate for the song (it was all sex and I don't think it suited the song well). The other was this version, which is only text on the screen. It's a great song and I think the words are powerful for the times we're living in right now. I just wanted to share it ...


  1. lol Kim!

    Way to go Rena!

  2. I'm so glad you helped the little bird out.I would have done the same thing.Poor little guy.


  3. awwww . . . poor lil birdie. It's a good thing you were around!

  4. A new reality show!! Rescuer Rena! That's cool that you were able to save him. He'll probably come and visit you now. You'll never know which one he is, but he'll visit!


  5. Rena, you are a super heroine! I'm impressed. Poor little bird must have been tramatized.

  6. Glad your chickadee made it...It is amazing when they can survive hitting windows as hard as they do...