Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The other day Stephanie posted about chocolate on her blog Colorado Writer. She listed her top five favorite chocolates and had some really good ones mentioned. I thought it would be fun to do and started thinking of some chocolate things I really liked. I came up with the following --
  1. Endangered Species Chocolates
  2. Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream
  3. See's Bordeaux Chocolates
  4. Ghirardelli Chocolate Cheesecake
  5. Trader Joe's Chocolate Tea

I have really been into the Endangered Species Chocolates for awhile. I started seeing them years ago when I visited national parks where they sold these chocolate bars in the gift shops. The labels caught my eye because of the wildlife images. Since then I've gotten hooked on the Extreme Dark chocolate bars, which have 88% cocoa. That might be too high and bitter for some, but I love it. If you let a small square dissolve in your mouth, it's one smooth piece of chocolate. If you can check out their website, it's pretty cool because 10% of their profits go towards helping species, habitat and humanity. They also say they're ethically traded and support small, family owned cacao farmers. For those going green, this company is involved in that too. The website also talks about the health benefits of chocolate, especially for the heart. I come from a family where everyone has heart problems, so if eating a little chocolate helps, it's worth a try. But in all honesty, it was the cool looking wrappers that caught my attention in the first place -- now I'm hooked on these chocolate bars.

So -- what's your top five favorite chocolate foods?


  1. Chocolate...Did you know the cocoa been was so valuable to the Aztecs and other Indians of Central America that it was used as money and that's were we get the term about "money growing on trees?"

    Chocolate...I think if everyone everywhere all over the world ate a bit every day, the world would be at peace.

  2. Love the green themed chocolate :)

    but then, to tell the truth, I love all chocolate ;-)

  3. My favorite chocolate: Chocolate covered strawberries from the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. Accompanied best with vinegar fries :)

  4. Dove Milk Chocolate Squares
    Ghiradelli Caramel Milk Chocolate Squares
    Ester Price straight from Dayton, Ohio
    Those round Lindt Truffle things

    What fun! Now I'm hungry!

  5. Wow - I am obviously a cheap date - anything with chocolate will be met with smiles!

    I do love Toblerone the best though! So yummy!

  6. Lots of good chocolate stuff out there. Like PJ, I love the Lindt truffles too. Bad thing is whenever I buy those, I end up eating the entire bag. They're so good, especially the dark chocolate peppermint ones. Then there is Cadbury ... sigh.

  7. Bish -- That's really interesting about the "money growing on trees" thing. I've never heard that before about cocoa beans.

    I guess chocolate with chili is pretty popular now. One of these days I'm going to have to give that a try.

  8. I didn't know that Bish! Cool!
    my fave chocolates
    chocolate milk
    Reese's peanut butter cups
    Chocolate cake from Red Lobster and Portillo's
    brownies with choc frosting
    Hershey's chocolate bar

  9. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate! I am allergic to it....BUT I still eat it. hahahaha :)

  10. Oh no, Paris -- that would be a bummer. Rick has a weird allergy to alcohol. It comes & goes and doesn't happen everytime, but it's a pain when it does. It's a good thing he doesn't drink much.

  11. Oh yes, if it has a good wrapper, I'm a gonner! That chocolate looks wonderful. We are DARK chocolate fans. The higher that percentage the better. Lindt is some our favorite. :)

  12. A post after my own heart...grin...

    Top 5 chocolates:

    Dove milk chocolate
    Hershey's kisses, bliss and/or bar
    Milky Ways

  13. 1. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate squares
    2. Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
    3. Vosges Mo's Bacon Bar
    4. Milky Way Midnight
    5. My own choco-chip brownies


  14. chocolate chocolate chocolate

    love it love it love it

    I have nothing else to say!

  15. someone gave me a rechiutti chocolate caramel with sea salt today - mmmmmm

  16. Oooh, my kind of topic!

    Ethel M's chocolate from Vegas !!!
    Lindt balls are amazing
    Gotta love a good Hershey bar
    My homemade chocolate frosting


  17. I love chocolate! As long as it's dark. And peppermint patties are yummy too.